Well these days have been just perfect. I have relaxed, swam and have eaten lots of pizza. Right now I am sitting in the cafe watching football(VM). I have just eaten my ice-cream and think I will soon go home to the house. it is only 9:30 but black outside which is a bit freaky.
I hope to go on these bumper boats in the water soon. I will try and update later.

See ya

Miss you


Jag vill bara att du ska veta,
jag saknar dig,

your man.

Förlåt om jag logagde in på din blogg, men du måste få veta, JAG SAKNAR DIG KOM HEM !

Missing you already,

So today is the big day the day I have been waiting for since summer holiday started is it the road trip!!! We are driving to Italy it is going to be so much fun!!Italy is full of fun and sun. I do hope Sweden has good weather while I am gone.  Me and my siister always have lots of fun. I will be taking my laptop with me so I can write on my blogg. So stay in touch!
But I am going to miss all my friend sooooo much. Now I have to go and get ready.

See ya,

Going to great

Well todaywas my last day of sportcamp. The day has been good, we had a water fight and played beach volleyball. Which was great. Then we had a little rest with relaxing music. It went like this:
Welcome to your fanstay with dolphins
Dolphins are your friends they like you play with you......
I was laughing most of time!!! The only bad thing is well I have burned myself. And it hurts. Well it is okay now. I also had to say good bye to clara because I am not going to see her until v.30 I think which is not good!!!
Tomorrow I am going to be with my man. So I have to wake up early to be with her I will call her tonight.

Love you man♥



Today has been the first day of Sportcamp. I stated today at 9 and finished at 3. But now I am toataly finished!! We played tennis first, then handball, brennball and more. So much fun. For lunch we had chicken curry and rice plus sallad. We got T-shirts that say Irdottskola 2010. Right now I am sitting on the sofa relaxing.


Blue Sky and Rain

Today has  been okay. I played with my neigbours and been in town.:D Tomorrow it will be the first day of sportcamp. I will be going with Clara my sister and her friends. Going to be so much fun !!!
I have to get ready for it now and I am also waiting for the house phone to be free so I can call Clara.


Good morning!!

Good morning good people,

Today I woke up at 8:41. Which is the latest I have woke up at!!! I feel proud. I am now going to dry my hair and go outside and jump on the trampoline or I will read twlight.  

Girls Night

These two days have benn GREAT!!!!!My friends came to my house around about 1 o'clock. Then I opened my prezzies. I got a swedish flag, a magnet, a pretty top, snö earings, clips and nail plolish. Thank you the prezzies girls!! Then my mum drove us to heron city where we went bowling and had fun. I won the first game big time with 107p. which I am proud of!!! After that we went and had fika I had two scopps of ice-cream. mmmm!!! Then we went home and made my room nicer then I opened the rest of my prezzies!!!! Around 6 o'clock where we eating pizza and talking having fun. The rest of the night went so quick we talked had a little spa played cards and more. we went to bed around midnight.

In the morning we ate breakfast played cardss and watched a movie. So funny!!! We played kubb and  jumped in the rain. hihi, we made homemade hot choclate. mmm
Pictures are coming later!

Tuesday 17

The sun is shinnig which means it is going to be a good day. I feel like it is going to be a good day too. Only because my dear friends Lina Linn and Clara are coming to my house around 13. Then We are going to go bowling in heron. Going to be so much fun not that I am good at but I do love to do it. Then they are going to have a sleepover at my house. 
Now I am going to go and paint my nails so they look at bit better than they do right now. What colour do you think? 
or just a normal colour?  


Today I have been to tomtits with Clara. I have had so much! First of all we went out side and went on all the things like the wind machine. 
And the underground tunel.

We went on so much more than that but I do not have all the photos jet.

After that we went in the bubble room and mad lots of bubbles.

Then we went upstairs and took lots of photos in this werid room. Clara was daancing in this room and punched someone in its face. So funny.hihi!!!

What I call the werid room.
The we went for FIKA,I mean big Fika. We bought a sanwhich and Fika.

We did buy a bit more.
Then we went shopping. That the best day.


Good morning,

Well I woke up this mornng with a shower running, birds singing and the light from the sun went right through my curtains!!! Plus when I found out it was onlly 7 o'clock thats when I remembered that my liltle sister had friends coming at 9. So I had to get ready. YEESSS!!!!!! But I made it.

I am now waiting for Clara to come because us too are going to tomtits!!!!!!! It is going to be so much fun!!! I will upload photos and maybe even videos later on. Now I have to wait for her to come!!!

See ya!!

Last time with Clara.

Two days with Lina


This last few days havebeen great. I have been with the best most annoying, nicest person in the world!:D
We went into town, because Lina had to go to the dentist. 
After we took the bus home and walked to her house. Then we hanged out and had sallad for lunch.
Then I went home to get my stuff because I sleept over at her house.
Lina went to her golf training and was at home. After her golftraining was done I went back to her house. To start go to her house. Then we ate dinner outside because the weather was beauitful!!!!
We where outside until 8 o'clock. Then we watched Top model 13. We played cards until 10 maybe then Lina and I went upstairs and talked and played cards. Afteer that we went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up at 7:30. And Lina at 8:50 I think. We played some cards and then had breakfast. We went outside and played Kubb.

That was my two days with Lina.

Love you sis.


Good morning,
Toady I woke up at 7 o'clock but that is okay. I am verry happy today!!!
Right now I am waiting for the kanelbulle to be put in the oven and someone
speacial to log on msn. So I can talk to that person.Toadys plan in go to the
dentist with lina and thenhave a sleepover with her. 
But that is okay I have nothing really to do right now. I think I will hop on the
trampoline or sit andwatch some tv. The only promblem is there is nothing to watch.

Will upload more things later on today.

Brunch at 10:30

When people think about brunch you think of an meal between breakfast and lunch.
That is why it is called brunch. At brunchyou usally have cakes, some sort of meat
cheeses, and more. All different brunches are different in there own way. Today at
10:30 I had brunch in Hölo south from Järna(I think). First of all we have cakes then
an hour later we had meatballs and potatoes and watermelon. Which was good then
we got to play for 30 minutes, After that we had dessert which was about 4 different
kinds of ice-cream, lots and lots of hallon and sweets.
I have to say swedish sweeets have to be the best small sweets in the world.
Than we played more and now I am at home reading my book.

Bye 4 now

Sunday 13, 2010

Today I am going to brunch with people from my dads work. Have just spent the last 30 minutes on
sending photos to Lina and me getting them from her. Then sorting all of them out. Today I woke up
by knife and forks bashind down in the draw. Which is not the best time to wake up, so I am veerry
tried!!!! Which is not good if I am ment to be entertaining children from 10:30 to 2:00!  Lucky for
me I have my little sister to help me. Wish me Luck!

Toady happens to be 57 days until my birthday!!!Yes only 57 days left until I am a teenager. hihi!
Word has it that Clara Junman(my best friend) has a surprise for me I wonder what it is? She says
that I have to be with her to get it and it has to be this week! What could it be????

I was not sure if it was me but it is. SOme photos from town with Lina.

Bye for now,

Summer Holiday

Finally summer holiday is here,
but the only promblem is well that I have sooo much to do in so little time.
So many people to see but I do not know if I will have enough time.
Yesterday after my last day I went to Claras house with Lina and Linn.
We ate strawberries and ice-cream.mmmmmmmmmmmmm
Then we went outside to the IP and cycled around going crazy.
So funny. We went around the houses on the bikes  going of track and Linn made about 15 videos on Claras camera! That were about nothing really but still so funny! hihi,
Have to clean my room now. Great start to the holiday.



Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day! Only because I have to get up at 6:30 and start to get ready.
I have to leave my house by 7:15 to cycle to Lina Berg house. Then us two will then cycle to Clara Junmans
house! After that use three will cycle to the train station where we will meet Linn Andersson.
Then will are going to cycle to Coop eller Ica to get fika for our class. Then we will cycle to school and eat up everything we have bought with the class. Then the saffet starts at 9:30 I think and ends at 11:30. Then we have finished for the day and get to go home and start to get ready for the last day of school!!!!!!


1 day 3 hours and 36 minutes,

That is how many days hours and minutes left until the day has come. The last day of school.
I am very happy about it but I have no summer feeling at all. Since Easter the year has gone by with
a flick of an eye!!! So in 1 day 3 hours and 36 minutes I will be standing and the steps at school watching people sing and saying good bye to my classmates.

My new clothes

All the stuff I have on now are new!!!!

Weekend with lina

We did buy choclate 

And we played outside for about 3 hours

We had the best time of our lifes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy, happy and Happy

This picture shows me at my happiest and that is  what I am right now HAPPY!! I do not know why I am this happy but I may have a few reasons for it. The first is that my clothes have come and the fit me perrfect, second of all I woke up in a very good mood all happy and stuff and third of all(this may be the best one) is that we had our last working day at school the next few days are going to go by very quickly but, I am going to make every minute count! 


Today has been a great day. Only because I have been with Lina in
town alone for the first time in three years. And that is just top in pink from HM. Then a mascara from lindex and the first twilight book. Lina is proud of me. Lina bought three dresses that are very nice. If you want to see more about Linas and my fab day goin on: 

 Some of the great stuff we bought!!!

The sun

Well this is just a short inlaägg only because:
1 Well I have nothing really to write about.
2 Have no thoughts to tell
3 Not really had the time.

Well I have had the time just not enough thoughts to share.
Today it has been very sunny but with a bit of wind. I am now sitting in the sun. Well with my laptop.
my week has been full of stuff to do.

Monday: Free
Tuesday: LastEnglish lesson
Wednesday: Linns dance show that me and my friends went to watch we did make some happy times that I will remember forever.
Thursday: With Lina and then Brännboll
Friday: Going to watch Sex and the city 2

So that really has been my week but next week is somewhat better and somewhat worse. Only because it is week 23 witch means that it is the last week of school. And then summer holiday. But I do not have the feeling of summer you know the feéling when you feel like it is summer maybe because I am moving arcoss the world or maybe because this year has gone by so fast. I do not know.
Now it was an long inlägg. Opps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to sunbathing!


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