I like it but i dont know what to do with it

Dont worry it will be the same again

~HEy hey hey
This may be that last blogg for the evening and the I am off to a Game reserve fun fun fun. Thats gonna take up the hole of my weekend. Going to go to bed now and then maybe read or read before bed i dont know.

Dont worry i will be there

Good night my love ones!!!
Pic from long time ago luv it

Pros Cons

Today has been GREAT!!!


  • Leticia
  • Sunny
  • PE
  • Volleyball
  • Life

  • Estelle
  • HW
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Clothes
Its my new thing everyday i will try and do something like HISS ELLER DISS!! Fun right!!!

April 18

Long time no see people of this earth. Well Im sorry its just Im been busy and this Im part of the drama at school not like the class drama but the real thing. Its like the HUnger Games who ever win takes all but we are not all against each other where just in two teams kinda. But not all the girls are part of this. But dont worry it will soon be over. Cloes your eyes tight enjoy the ride and when you wake up it will all just be a dream thats what i keep thinking but guess what thats just the movies.
Im about to put my jam jams on and then close my eyes or not really just read my book and do more homework thats my life right now!!

Big girls can cry sometimes


Had a great day shopping bought a new top a dress and some new shorts a black hat and a new watch. About to call Lina Berg to see how she is and then well we will see what happen. '


Good morning good ppl out to run cya later

lookie here

Seems like the perfect day for a well relaxing day, but instead of that im going to to for a BBQ and have well so mucg fun. CYA

heck yes

Watching Read it and Weep. Strange movie but when you having nothing to do then..thats what you do. 
About to log on msn and thensee fb to see if Leticia or Estelle is online so I can see what the plan is for today.  


Just finished breakfast. Now gonna wash my face and then have a shower, outdoor or indoor shower id ont know yet. What do you think?

Ellen, wife of Peter Hunter

HAHAHAHA, good morning. Howzit,lekker, ya ,shame some south africann words that people use daily here. So what the plan for the day? Im goining to the movies and then well id ont know have togo have breakfat now. Cya

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