Today was my first day back at school. It went well, ´the 7th grade had birthdays and we got to bring in snacks and things like that. And my freinds made a speak for me which was really nice. But after luch I went read eeeeepppp. I went to the nurse and she did not know what is was( big help) but know I am home and it is slowly fadig away!!!

see ya


D, jag vet inte vart jag ska börja.
Jag trodde faktiskt inte att det skulle göra så ont, mne det gör det. Varje gång jag ser en bild, går förbi platser där vi har suttit och pratat om allt från himmel och jord, låtar som vi knarkade, så kommer tårarna, ska det vara så?
Jag saknar allt med dig, vartenda ögonblick som vi har delat, för allt var så jäkla bra ! Du är min andra halva, du är den som känner mig bäst. Du är så sjukt underbar, jag önskar jag kunde beskriva dig med ord, det önskar jag verkligen. Men 3 år med lycka, tårar och skratt, hahha oj vad vi skrattar ! Du gör mig lycklig. Och jag skulle göra vad som helst, vad som helst, för att du skulle gå brevid mig nu, vara hos mig. För jag är inte hel utan dig, inte alls. Som jag sa,
Det kommer alltid att vara vi, så länge det finns stjärnor över oss. så länge våra hjärtan klarar av att slå.

Jag älskar dig.

PS: du är så osmart !!!!!


alltså, lina, du är så smart

Känner mig duktig för daisy fatta inte varför hon inte kunde ladda upp bilder, hahah men när jag logga in och skulle fixa det, då klarade jag det på en sekund hahahhahaha ! BLONDIEE!!!

talking to da person

Right know I am talking to the best person in the world!!! Lina Berg!!!!!! I love her soo much. Tip to people in the world, she is da person to talk to!!!!!!!!!Okay!!Good night

Up all Night???

This is my puppy. He is so cute. I do not know if you can see this picture I had to do it a diffrent way because my inlägg page has gone strange


I got a puppy!!!! He is sooooooooooo cute. Love him sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! Good night all my blogg readers!!!!!!!!


So went by so quickly first I had Math then I had NO, then it was lunch!!! After that it was English which went great and then it was the last lesson of the day ,y favourite lesson HEALTH!!! I do not know why but it is or i do know why but i am saying.hehehehhehe Then when I got hoem went to Estelle house and had to wait 15min for her to find out i was waiting outside.Thank you Estelle. But she did finally answer the door. And shut the door so we where locked out, but luckyI had a back up plan and we did finally get back into the house. Then we walked to The Pavelien and bought sweets. We saw this really good looking guy so we started to walk behind him he was better lokking than snygg bror 1 and 2 I know!!!!! He leaves right nextto her yes then we scearmed really loud and he lokked at us in a strange way!!! After that we had to climb over Estelle gate because her had forgottne her key!! Again. But we did get back inot the house lucky for us. Have jsut been out for a walk with Ocsar the dog he is not my dog. And that went well!! See ya Daisy

Good night

This is just quick all I want to say is Good night and sleep well nice people!.

Feel better

Buenas Noches!!!!!

o today school day has been great. I did tell the teacher that he was dead I mean dead by meaning gone and never coming back. OOOssppp!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had secret code with maddy in Health and this boy got really angry because he did not know what we were saying but that´s the point!!!
But it was okay in the end. Have just hoped out of a shower and I feel better now.


Lions/ other things

Here are some pics of me and some  lions and more animals
Those where a few photos that my dad took with his new camera, hope you like them

Three walks/runs and Three dogs

So today has been great!!!
Slept over at estelle house again last night, so much fun. First of all we went to the supermakert with her mum to get some food and we went running around the supermarket trying to find junk food like choclate crisp and pop corn. So much fun, then we hoped in the car and went to the rent a movie place;) And we got two movies The rebound and the one ith that blond girl in it I forgot what is is called. But anyway then we got ready because they had a friends over. After tha we hung out the the friends and then we went to bed at 2 in the morning.
Then in the morning we wanted to go outside so went took one dog by one by one dog for walks/runs. It was great fun. After that my parents came to get me and we went to Melrose Arch to get a few things, I got a new skirt. Then we came home and I read my breaking dawn for 30 min. and then played my flute for 40 min.
You may think flute is easy but it is the hardest out of all of them. I am now talking To the greates person of all time Lina Berg. 



Student Ambasador

I am so happy I am going to school today in the evening. It is only ment for parents to see the school but I am aloud to come plus I need to help people get. Me and my other friends are doing it too. I can not wait!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is what my music class i´s trying to play, GOOD LUCK


This may sound werid but I am celebrating over something strange

Hear it goes

Are you really ready for this

Really are you ready for this

I am not sure

Well here goes

I am celebrating because

I have no HOMEWORK for the first time since I started school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am so happy. I know I am werid, but thats okay. For me!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here you go;

So it turned out that we were not going to go to a puppy store today:(
So sad I think I may cry. But we did buy more things for this big bad house.
I have a big test tomorrow and I have not even taken out my books for it so I need to study, YES!!:P

Now I have some friends back in Sweden( not naming any names but, Lina Linn and Clara) that really want to see photos of my house. So here you go:

My house

My pool

My room
Those are a few photos of my house


damn girl i miss you

I promise you, that i will always love you, and this friendship will last longer than forever.

Your man

How many more times

So today I have some good news, more shopping!! Yes,
And also we may get a puppy today. It is so cute. I am soo happy.
Yesterday I talkedto Lina and Clara and then I saw a video on Claras blogg. And then I went to bed crying.
But thank you for making it for me.

Sneeking is easy
But it gets hard when somebody
see you



So today havs been great!!! I got 100% on both my test, YES.
Good bye old moblie hello  
samsung wave?!!!!!
Samsung Wave Multiview
I love it!!!

Also I bought new shorts for gym and there are so nice. They are blue and white try and get a photo of it later.
Yes found a photo!! 
look something like that


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