Going to great

Well todaywas my last day of sportcamp. The day has been good, we had a water fight and played beach volleyball. Which was great. Then we had a little rest with relaxing music. It went like this:
Welcome to your fanstay with dolphins
Dolphins are your friends they like you play with you......
I was laughing most of time!!! The only bad thing is well I have burned myself. And it hurts. Well it is okay now. I also had to say good bye to clara because I am not going to see her until v.30 I think which is not good!!!
Tomorrow I am going to be with my man. So I have to wake up early to be with her I will call her tonight.

Love you man♥


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Postat av: lina

Love u more man <3

2010-06-24 @ 19:54:55
URL: http://linabergg.blogg.se/

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