Girls Night

These two days have benn GREAT!!!!!My friends came to my house around about 1 o'clock. Then I opened my prezzies. I got a swedish flag, a magnet, a pretty top, snö earings, clips and nail plolish. Thank you the prezzies girls!! Then my mum drove us to heron city where we went bowling and had fun. I won the first game big time with 107p. which I am proud of!!! After that we went and had fika I had two scopps of ice-cream. mmmm!!! Then we went home and made my room nicer then I opened the rest of my prezzies!!!! Around 6 o'clock where we eating pizza and talking having fun. The rest of the night went so quick we talked had a little spa played cards and more. we went to bed around midnight.

In the morning we ate breakfast played cardss and watched a movie. So funny!!! We played kubb and  jumped in the rain. hihi, we made homemade hot choclate. mmm
Pictures are coming later!

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