Cow song!!!

Wuts up

Duh duh

Who's there

Duh duh

A cow

Duh duh

Who sez moo

Duh duh

Cuz dats wut cows say

Duh duh

Deal with it


An original hit my Lucy S

We haven't changed a bit!!!!
luv you ♥

Like it

Today has been a lazy day. Had people over but they just left or they didnt they left about an hour ago. lol
I have done my homework and played sims 3 all day. Forget how much I missed that game. hahahahaha
About to hop in da shower maybe another blogg after thatI dont know we will have to see. Also I am on the stage to having a fever gggrrr I CANT MISS SCHOOL AT ALL!!!!!!

Cya babez

love ya off to lucys p house


Hahahahaha, talking to Camilla on fb. Just found out that she was trying to find out where
my house was so we could hung out. hahahahaha.
Need to get reday now to go to a BBQ yes my day
love ya lots

due due now

Long time no see its been like 3 days since i last blogged srry about that. ~Yesterday I was at Lucys house had a blast. Just about to take DUDE for a walk blogg later

flip flopz

Miss you guyz ♥

May 2010

today has been great luv my school. Lucy is here at my house, keening an ASSHOLE!!!!!! grrrrrgrrrr
Have just almost finished my hw yes and now all i need ot do is study for spanish and finish English buit that wont take that long I HOPE!!!
Homework due this week
Monday: Practice Journal for BAND
Tuesday: NOTHING
Wednesday: Spanish Test
Thursday: Finish work sheet in NO
Finish worksheet in MATH
And finish WS in English
Friday> Have research done

Source of life

Good night people
luv ya lots
With lina berg!
First real pic I put on my blogg!!!!!



So today has been great. I went to Estelles and we did "homework" but we mostly talked. Then we cycled to my house where then we went to the clubhouse!!! I had a chicken burger mmmm. We saw Camilla there luv her♥ After that we ran home causse we where late for Lucy.P's party hahahahaha we can one hour late♥ Had a great time just got home and have had a shower yes I am now 100% clean from dirt so i think.

This may be my week!!!

Blast from da past!!!!

nightie night

Good night dear love ones!!!! Sleep well 


Have just had dinner we had pizza mmmmuummms, bit it taste weird in braces i don't know why don't ask me. About to put my pjs on and go to bed need to be at Estelle's by 10:00 so i know that my homework will soon be done.  I will blogg in da morning
Love ya

R u sure about that

On facebook talking to Matilda, Abita about tomorrrow hahahahahaha luv u guys

Da song

Cause im back from camp. Did u miss me OFFC you did.
TOday i have been on a safari thingie. I got back yesterday from camp but had no energy to blogg or do anything so I sat in front of the TV the hole time!!! hahahahaha. If u want to c some pics look on facebook!!!! Tomorrow i am gonna go to a party and do homework with estelle in the morning.
Love ya


yesterday i got a bit bored so me and lucy did a photoshoot here are a few pics:

well i luv them
Dont you

Go out in the rain

Good morning playas,
So far i have had breakfast cleaned my room and well talked to Lina on msn. mohahahahahahaha. And thats what i plan to do for about 3 hours maybe. But that will be great. I am going to help LIna find a new phone and then maybe start looking for me. Because I want a new phone so much this phone i have now is ok but not the best. I want this phone or something like this: Hope my wish comes true!!!!

talk to me

About to go paint my nails!!!
Love ya


I am at home. All my other friends are at Estelles since it is her bday. I couldnt make. But tomorrow i will see her because we have homework to do. And then after that in 2 days is CWW!!!! I cant wait.

maybe this isn't right?

So good morning,
I didnt sleep over at estelles like planned but that was ok. Went to have indianian at Monte mmmmm. Love that place so much. HAd a great night. Then fell asleep on the floor hahahahaha. Abou to have breakfast and then go in the pool or myabe not. I still need to pack for CWW. And charge my camera. Love ya lots

maybe not today but the next

so i am talking to Lina. and laying on my bed hahahahaha strange right. Just brushed my teeth put a facemask on and its bed time


So i am baby sitting my little sister 20 rand an hour ooo la love!!! oday was the first day of swimming had agreat time learning how to enter the water safétly hahahahahaha fail. but i still was amazing at it . Talking to friends on facebook and studing for science quiz tomorrow. LOve ya lots


srry about that i am back. As before i said today was great the CWW reps came today and the hole grdae sung songs and played fun games. And when i got out of one of these games i had to stand in the circle and everybody shouted and cheered my name. lolz!!!!!!
HAve just had a shower feel great and cant wait to go to bed for a good nights sleep


So today has been great,!!! talk abou ti later need to shower

luv it

hold on to me and never let me go

About to have a shower love ya

1 word 100 thoughts

much to much to say

I miss man!!!

Hotty Totty

The day has been great spent 80 minutes of my class talking to Dillan and Maddy part things and the teacher didnt care. mohahahahahahaha Only have a bit of homework to do but all is good. TAlking to Lina on msn and about to pack my bag for swimming and for tomorrow and plan an outfit.
Love ya

last time you said bye

So i a, going to get ready for bed now and do a bit of reading

Dearest Friend,

So i have decided to tell my friend Lina something.

Right now it is winter in Europe and summer in SOuth Africa. So that means that i cant order clothes from newlook now because the clothes are winterish. Once it gets into spring ini will order clothes. From the store.

Hope you understand your dearest friend
Daisy xoxoxoxo


This is what i have bought in the past week thank god i have money!!!!

Necklace: HANG TEN

Cardigan:HANG TEN:
T-shirt: ADIDAS


Jacket for camp: NORTH FACE SHOP

Hat and sunglasses both from Hang ten

Thanks you for a great week of shopping
update later

so thats what happened??

Sorry about the bad blogging but have just not has the time to do it, but now its all about to change. So today i have been shopping a fourways mall. NICE!!! Biught a few nice things will update later.

I ahve so much to read and then more for tomorrow, big assement on what we have learnt is goi9ng to be okay. JUst need to read learn and love it
Taken yesterday before i got my braces


So today i got them the dreaded thing. IT does not hurt that much right now, thank god. I have my wax so its all good. Schooll went by quickly and then and the watched the football game against riversand. WE WON!!!! Go i AISJ

When it comes to the end, we're just human, all of us

hallå allihopa !
Nu har jag jobbat skiten ur mig på den här bloggen, och jag fattar fortfarande ingenting.
MENMNE det funkade så ! :D

HÄR är min blogg , read it ;)

heart in 4

oh darling i wish you where here

I would first like to say thank you so much Lina for teaching me how to blogg. Because i needed that lesson. hahahahaha not. Well tomorrow my teeth are going to be gone for good because i am getting tandstallning eepppp HELP ME!!! I will blogg once more today dont worry

must have

A few things that i may be buying for summer

A few must havers for me today all of these are from newlook


Hej alla människor !
Tänkte att jag kunde skriva lite här eftersom min sega dator laddar och har inget att göra..
Jag är sjuk dag ! Glädjande nyhet va ?
Daisy vet tyvär inte hur man bloggar men tänkte lära henne det snart, när jag har fixat hennes blogg SUPRISE !
hoho återkommer !


min finaste vän !

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