Well grönalund was so fun. Me and my friends went on all the great rides even the scary ones.
For lunch we all had fish and chips then went to eat with the class everyone asked were we got the food from.
The class was looking at us and were a bit jealous I think only because we got differrnt food. hahahaha

Water Fight

So today has been an great day, well it was afterschool. But in the morining I sleept in and when I woke
up it was 07:10 that meant I had to leave in 20 min. After school I cycled home to Linas house with Clara.
We ate carrot cake and then we played that our bikes were horses. Clara was teaching us how to get on the bike as if it was a horse. Then we washed the bikes and had a water fight. So much fun. But I got so wet. Then I had to borrow some clothes from lina. I cycled home with wet hair and some wet clothes in my basket.


So tommorrow me and my class 6B are going to Grönalund.
I am so happy we are going to have so much fun!!!!
Lina, Linn and Clara and me are going to go on loads of all diiferent kinds of rollacoaster!!!

Going to be so much FUN!!!!!

Does not look like my room

So today has been a good day but it rained all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SO bad. Then I had my boring old english lesson and I went crazy I fell on the ground!!!!!!
hahahaha, At school Lina and Clara and a rubber fight in Art. That was funny!!!!!!!
After that I went home to clean my room. There is only one problem it does NOT look like my room any more.
All my toys and books and other stuff are gone!!!!!So sad.  And now I can not load ant new lägg on my blogg!!!!!!!!!!

With Lina

With lina berg! Lina has just gone home after a geat day here. About the day well, first we talked a bit then we went out for a cold walk. It was fun until the cold air went a bit to cold. On the walk we did cool videos. After that we  asked the neigbours for some sigar and made kladdkaka muffins we put in the oven and rushed to get millie in ten minutes. But they did not burn. But they where very good.
I am now watching Doctor Who!
See ya

Rix FM

Yesterday I went to rix fm with my fav girls.(Lina,Clara and Linn)
So fun. We took the car to Fruängen(I think) then took the underground train to Stockholm.
We went to Burger king and ate dinner I took the cheese burger menu.
The we went to buy sweets for the night.
We walked to Rix FM and these people talked to me and Clara if Lady Gaga was famous in SWeden.
Werid!!! After that she asked if she could take a picture of us because she helped children at school or something like that. The Festival finished at 10 o'clock we started to walk home in a big klump so we did not get lost. On the way back to the train three boys asked us if Rix Fm festival was still on.
They were only about three hours late.
When we got to FRuängen again to go to the car, Clara tried to go down one of these rolling stairs, we where shouting at her to say see was going the wrong way butshe did not hear us!! When she did hear us, she and us where laughing so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The bridge

My life is like building a bridge the first time you build it is just one peice of wood and hard
to get to the other side. The second time you do it, well it looks a bit better and maybe has 
two pieces and a thing to help you balance. The third time is much better because you are better at it
and have done it so many times so you can buy some different better kind of wood to make this
bridge of yours. On the forth one it is almost perfect you start to have bits of metall on it and feel safe.
But that fifth time you start to build the maybe final bridge it is made out of metall all over and you feel the
safest you have ever feelt. You walk over the bridge and say goodbye, you look at the people you love so much and turn around you feel strange and werid without these people. But you know it will be okay because they will move on and all you have to do
is build that bridge and get over it but you will not just do that you will save you the happy times with these people and never forget them.
I love the people that I have spent ALL my happy times with, and do not forget that I am always hear.

One two many!

How many chances to I have to give them, it is always the same way.
I am tried and angry only because these builders have made a mess in my room!!!
I hate it.
Well back to the good stuff next week on wednesday we are going to Grönalund but we have no info. Well I have to say the class parents are so good at giving info. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Getting to the part we won at sport, german was bad and art was okay.

Shopping Trip 2

Have been shopping in Kista I think it is called that.
I have boght more clothes like, a green top, some white leggnings and a white dress from HM.
I have had a very good day. I am so tried I think that I can sleep right now.
I am watching Gossip Girl and relaxing.
Bye for now

Shopping, shopping and shopping!!

Today I went shoppig with my mum.
I bought sandals, a new grey jumper and shampoo.
Then I bought new things for school in South Africa.
Like highlighters , folders and I book of A4 papper.
So I have had a good day. I am now at home and I am about to look though handbags to see what to keep or toss. Wish me luck.

Grilling marshmallows

So I went outside it was very fun, we did a fire and then we grilled marshmallows.
I think I ate about 20 or something, plus eating all that sweet stuff at Clara house did not help.
After that I played with the small children that live around where I live.
Which was very fun. Have just eaten dinner.
Bye bye


So now I finally free from school until next tuesday.
Yesterday it was what I called woods day. It was so much fun,
Linn and I got lost went the wrong way and stepped in wet mud!!
But we did make it, in 37 min. I think.After that me and Clara Lina and
Linn went back to Clara house. Then Lina and I cycled to my house to
shower and back my bag for the sleepover. After that Lina and I cycled to
Linas house to get her stuff for the sleepover. We did have a bit of time to relax but
not a lot. Then we cycled back to Clara house to start the sleepover.
Then we c ooked lunch it was pasta, sweetcorn, ham and two differnt kinds of pesto.
It was good. Then we cycled into Järna to get snacks for the sleepover, we got two packets
of crips , two bottles of fanta and 6 bars of choclate. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! We also did a dance video
in the shop. Then we cycled to the Ip and we hanged out with some very good friends, played a bit of
football or watched and just talked. Lina and Linn went to golf training so Clara and I went to watch football training to some boys in our old class  and then cycled to Linns and Linas golf training.

Clara and I maded the beds beauitful!! For the rest of the night we played cards, watched a movie and talked a lot. 
In the morning we went on our bikes in the forset with pjs and no shoes. I was so funny I nearly fell of my bike. I am now going to go outsiide and be with my family.


Feels good

It feels so good to be lazy for the next 30 min. or maybe more.
 Right now I am in my bed laying down writing on my blogg. Soon
 I am going to get ready to cycle to Claras house. Then all four of us will
spilt up and do the wood things. I am going  to be with Linn. After that
us two are going to be together then we will meet up with Lina and Clara
and have a sleppover. Well that is the thing that I am goig to do. See after
the wooods thing.

My Day ,

Well I woked up this morning and thought it was 9 o'clock so I ran to thebathroom to get ready. Then I looked at the clock and it was only 6:30. Then I watched or played a game on my i pod. Then i went to school and did the boring stuff after that I ran to english,  I was only 10 min. late!!! Then i went home watched Top model 12, had dinner and had a little talk with my friend Clara. I am now talking to Lina on msn. Tomorrow I am going to be with Linn. so here is the plan for the next week:

Wednesday: Woods (as I call it)
Thursday:     Be with Family( because free on study zone= school)
Friday:          Maybe with Lina () I do not knowright now.
Saturday:      Relax
Sunday:     Relax
Monday:        No school!!!!

So these few days are busy. You should see my summer holiday!!!!

The plan

Okay Well I have just looked at my calender and well my summer holiday is packed
with things to do. We have to go to Italy and England. Then  we are moving to. But
I know that I have one week free to be with my dear friends. Been to the doctor today to
see if I need any injections, and I need one. And it hurt a lot. Now I have to have dinner
be back soon.

What to wear?

What am I going to wear to the Lady Gaga consert? Maybe my blackdress or my green dress
my shorts with a nice top I do not know? Maybe even something else.  

So tried!!!

Oh my god, I have never been this tried in my life. My feet are killing me.
I have just got back from a friends house. But on the way to her house
I had lina on the back of Clara bike and we crashed into another bike.
I was so funny, I am still laughing. I am right now watching the Hills
only because I am lazy. So going to have dinner then have to study for
a test in English, YES!!!


School was great, but I am still really tried. I do not think I will ever be able to not be tried again.
Have studyed so much my brain will not work.  I have studyed on the scale to 1-10, 10 being the higest
I have studyed 2. And my brain will not work. As u can see my brain is LAZY!!!!!
So now I am so lazy that I have to say goodbye,

Study or Relax.

What am I going to do? Would you study for an English test or realax. Well
I want to get good grades but I would like to relax instead.

Any way Clara has just gone home. We had so much fun together. We gave each other cool
nicknames. My was the coolest in the hole world. but very strange. Then we made the coolest
videos Be back

The Hole World

Well is feels like the hole world knows that I am moving to South Africa.
That just shows that Järna is a little town. But I do want to thank all my
friends in my class and my BFFFFF for helping me get through it. I know that
we get get through it together.

So any way this weekend has been full of fun
I have got a new computer but you can not change the background on it.
Which is bad. But okay not the end of the world! Also I ahve had a sleepover
at Linas which was really fun. Check out the hot pictures on bilddagenboken.
I will try and get them out today but if not today it will be on Monday.

So the plan for this week is:
Tuesday: English
Wednesday: Be with Joseifin
Thursday: ?
Friday: Lady Gaga consert
Saturday: Party
Sunday: ?

Välkommen till min nya blogg!

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