Woke up with a dog in my face

So I didn't go running way way to cold. I miss the warmth. But I did take my dog for a walk a long walk, which makes me proud of myself. Going to go make tea now cause I am super cold and watch some TV which as I may say is the perfect weather for it.
Outfit for today

Its only impossible if you say it is

Watched the final of Wimbledon yesterday while eating pasta. Woke up at 9 and got dressed to get my dog from the Kennels missed him so much!! When we got home had to sort some things out like the dead bird at the side of the house (EEWWW) horrible. Fixed that and now I am about to read Carrie dairies on my bed with some hot chocolate delicious

For Sex in the City fans this is the book for you!



Im back on track!! Got home about 11 am which was great just had a shower and now Im checking my emails. 199 emails in 3 weeks and 190 of them where from Facebook, hehe
England was great for the last week there bought so much which includes
  • A knitted top
  • 3 pair of jeans
  • 5 tops in different colors
  • 2 pair of shoes
Doesn't sound like a lot but if you put what I bought in Sweden with what I bought in england (1st week)…well thats a lot. Need to go and try and fix my blog, don't like it.

Packing: Check

Have had a great day with Sami! Almost done with my packing and now I am talking to Lina on msn :) Cant wait to see her and everybody in Sweden only one more day now can not wait. Right thats me done for the day its time for me to go to sleep but I don't think I will be able since I am so excited!!! I wonder why?!?! This will not be the last blog before I am off to Sweden. I will have internet in Sweden.
Good night don't let the bed bugs bite! ♥

Day 7

Good Morning people,
Went to bed at 2:40 last night, so tried. But it was great cause my BFF here Sami slept over. Went to watch Beastly which if there is nothing better to watch then still dont watch it. It was bad. Woke up around 10ish and ate pizza(mums). Now I am about to start to pack for Sweden!! Yes cant wait but I have got help, SAMI!! Need to go and find all chargers and some clothes to take with me to Sweden.
Cant wait to see you in Sweden!
Me and Sami(duh) ♥
This may be the last posting for today we shall see!

Day 6

Just got back from my facial loved it!! But before that I slept over at Lucys house hahahahaha pics will come out later. Listening to music while waiting for my bath to run then going to shower and head off to Monte with Sami and Lucy and meet some people there cause we are going to see Beastly!! Then Sami is going to sleepover at my house and tomorrow I PACK!!! Then I also need to find my charger for my laptop so I can put the pics on to my laptop good luck with that!
Sweden are you ready for me?

Ta ta darlings

Day 5

Good evening people,
Been an lazy day gone to the clubhouse with my mums groupie thingie and now Im off too LucyS house for a sleepover!! Cya tomorrow

Day 4

Today has been an lazy day went out running and then just hung out around the house. Around 11 I went over to Camilas house so I could say bye to her. Later I went over to Lucys house and hung out. Just had dinner and now watching Jerserylious I thinks that what its called.
This may be the last blogg for today but I don't know
U like?

Day 3

Good evening,
Today has been all about the clubhouse. Around 11 I started to talk to Lina on msn and at 12:45 I started to walk to the clubhouse with Camila and Lucy had fun. Had an amazing lunch at the club with Sami Estelle Gio Alex Luiz Theo Javier, Tori, Fumi, Lucy and Camila and others. Then after Sami mum took me home. At 6 I walked to the clubhouse again and this I had dessert. Lucy and Camila was still there had a fun time.
Now Im at home and about to run myself a bath.

Day 2

So today has been an okish day. We went on this drive with our new car it was so cool. Then I was ment to ok to this party good bye thing but I couldnt make it. So now I am at home about to get ready to get babysat. Im in 8th grade and I have babysitter?? Crazy!!!

Day 1

Ok this is the first day of school holiday. Its been a interesting day of school. HAd a few fights and talked to some people same old same old!! Now Collette and Lucy are here ppl are partying down stairs and well thats it.

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