Two days with Lina


This last few days havebeen great. I have been with the best most annoying, nicest person in the world!:D
We went into town, because Lina had to go to the dentist. 
After we took the bus home and walked to her house. Then we hanged out and had sallad for lunch.
Then I went home to get my stuff because I sleept over at her house.
Lina went to her golf training and was at home. After her golftraining was done I went back to her house. To start go to her house. Then we ate dinner outside because the weather was beauitful!!!!
We where outside until 8 o'clock. Then we watched Top model 13. We played cards until 10 maybe then Lina and I went upstairs and talked and played cards. Afteer that we went to sleep.

In the morning I woke up at 7:30. And Lina at 8:50 I think. We played some cards and then had breakfast. We went outside and played Kubb.

That was my two days with Lina.

Love you sis.

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Postat av: lina

Love you more sis <3

2010-06-15 @ 17:51:04

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