På tiden

Happy New Years, we will see each other next year!!!!
I am going to have dinner and at midnight i am gonna hop in the pool!!!!!
Not going to blogg any more this year but we will see what happens next


HAve just had one of these moments in life when u really just need 2 be crazy!!!!!
I just hopped on a noodle and started to surf on it hahahahhaha

can you tell me why this happened to me

Me and my dad have had this stupid fight and he is not talking to me.
I am also on a case of crime

no going back

I have just thought of a very strange thing, today is New Years Eve.
And here in Danifern you can not have fireworks, and the best part of New Years Eve in the fireworks
What has the world come to?



Yesterday I got back from Suncity, it was amazing!!!!
So much sun and fun things to do.

Today I am going to watch a movie and them maybe go in the pool.


what can you say

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!

Today i ahve had a very great day, woke up at 1:30 because of huge thunder and lightning storms. Opened 3 of my christmas presents. Then fell back asleep again. Milie came and woke me up at 6:38 lovely not!!! But still, opened mt presents from my stocking. Then around 7:30 went down stairs to my prezzies down there. Got so many great presents. Thanks farther christmas!!!

The rst of the day I was in the pool and then we had a BBQ. HEAVAN!!! Right now I am sittting in my sis. room and watching her make cool things. About to go to bed. So I will be putting photos tomorrow of what I got.


gems, red blue and green

So it wasnt the last time I blogged for the day. Have just come home from dinner at the clubhouse. Millie was so embrassing.
This 8th grader walks in this room with his friends. Millie goes
Millie: Oh look its Ian.
Daisy: I know that I can see
Millie: No but llook its I A N
Estelle: WE know we can see
Millie: Lets go talk to him
Daisy,Estelle: NO
hahahhaah his friend where looking at us so much.

why did I do that

Have just hopped put of my out door shower, I love it so much. About to get ready to go to the clubhouse for dinner. Not that happy about it but we will see. Don\t think I am going to blogg any more today we will have to see. But if this is all from me Happy Christmas Eve!!!

1day, 5 hours, 4 minutes

Talking to Lina Berg, happiness.
Listening to loud music. Feels weird that christmas is in 2 days and christmas eve is tomorrow. I still need to do a few things, eepppp
Have just hoped out pool, very refreshing. I love having a pool and on warm days like this. A pool is what you need. I know it is weird but I miss snow so much. I feel very strange, you know when you have snow you wish it was gone. But i wish it was here. Going to take a piece of africanns cake and then read my book. But first I need to answer my emails.

Time out?

So I just sat down to think about my year.
Has my year been exciting?
Has there been drama?
Has there been fights?
Has there been a move?
Has there been tears?
Has there been romors?
Has there been new people in our life?
Have you broken hearts(big time)?
All of these are yes. But you know what I will never for get this years. Because the frinds I have made I will stay friends with them for life!!!!

@ da place

Just st down with Lucy, at her house.
Going to help her with her phone.
Then hangout after I am going to get my facial down.

Just got back from Spur, amazing. Went with Estelle and her family met some other people there 2.
Just about to go to get ready for bed, then I am going to stink down in my bed and
read glee. I dont think I am going to blogg anymore tonight.
Thats it from me so good night

@ home

Lucy has just come over to my house. I am stuck babysitting but all is good.
Have just taken some pics on my computer of me and Lucy here are some of them.


Just about to hop in the pool, I am going to have a re-match with daddy in volley-ball. Hope I win( this time)

Wish me luck


Just finished watching Toy Story 3. Was not as sad as i thought.
About to go to bed, becuase I am super tried.

Love ya

what do you think?

So have just finished making my header I am prety proud.
First header I have ever made, it is not perfect but it is pretty close.

Right now I am watching Toy Story 3, its a pretty good movie. The sad part is coming now so its time for

Love ya


Today I have been at the rhinno and lion park. It was great saw lots of new animals. I am about to start on a new header because i am tried of it.
So cya


Sitting here with lucy who is inventing some crap out of tic tac. It feels weird, no homework, no school or I have school tomorrow but that does not really count. It is just going to be fun games and getting wet wet wet!!!!! So i need to bring extra clothes!!!
Today is was raining like hell!!! We had to go into some dangerous place where people get killed just to go to school. MY sister starts crying and then Riccardo starts yelling we are all going to die. Nice person really smooth real smooth. GGRRRRRRR i hate him so much.
Today in art we had to listen to some wacky music. GREAT!!!!! Not really.
Pics will be coming up of da day.


good night

Done and dusted

Lucy left about 4 pm and from then I have been on the computer working hard. Never move to this school!!! But all is done. I think I may be not going to school tomorrow because of a little rumour that is going round 7th grade and its about me. Well people think that i am dating somebody, eeeepppppp. Need to go have more homework can you believe it


that was an interesting night, just got back from a party. I gues it was ok. Jacob fell asleep twice then started slep walking out in to the parking lot where there where cars driving around. Then he starts dancing some danish/swedish culture dance i think. Then Daneil starts beating up some poor child who did nothing. Theay had a dj but onebody danced.
2 funny things happened that i can think of right now

Daniel jumps and starts kicking the child.
Lucy: wh did u do that?
Daneil: BEcause he took my shoe
Lucy: Really



Estelle is the the bathroom about to pee. Goes into the the batroom closes the door then walk out again

Estelle. I cant pee in there.
Daisy: Why not
Estelle: There is ORANGE pee all over the seat. Who the hell pees bright orange!!
Daisy: It was me 
E: You pee orange 
D: No it was my drink 
E: pSssshhh I knew that 


blah blah blah

i hate my science teacher grrrrr. So sorry for not up dating I have just got some much stuff too do you know being the last week or almost the last week. You just dont have enough time to do this kind of stuff.
So what has be happening well I got a new email address for school, awesome!! I invited to a party. Estelle got mad at me today. We had a few tears and fights hearts broken( again) well thats it really.
It is soon xmas yes finally!! Then after that it is summer YES, but winter here.
So right now it is 17 days 17hours and 17minutes until xmas YES
Well have to start to wortk on my science thing that is due on friday and I have hardly even started it. oopppssss

a part of me is gone and when will it come back

So today has been another normal day at school. Dude just scared away a bird from the garden and now the bird looks like it is going to attack Dude. It just did, shit.  
Got to go

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