Brunch at 10:30

When people think about brunch you think of an meal between breakfast and lunch.
That is why it is called brunch. At brunchyou usally have cakes, some sort of meat
cheeses, and more. All different brunches are different in there own way. Today at
10:30 I had brunch in Hölo south from Järna(I think). First of all we have cakes then
an hour later we had meatballs and potatoes and watermelon. Which was good then
we got to play for 30 minutes, After that we had dessert which was about 4 different
kinds of ice-cream, lots and lots of hallon and sweets.
I have to say swedish sweeets have to be the best small sweets in the world.
Than we played more and now I am at home reading my book.

Bye 4 now

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