The sun

Well this is just a short inlaägg only because:
1 Well I have nothing really to write about.
2 Have no thoughts to tell
3 Not really had the time.

Well I have had the time just not enough thoughts to share.
Today it has been very sunny but with a bit of wind. I am now sitting in the sun. Well with my laptop.
my week has been full of stuff to do.

Monday: Free
Tuesday: LastEnglish lesson
Wednesday: Linns dance show that me and my friends went to watch we did make some happy times that I will remember forever.
Thursday: With Lina and then Brännboll
Friday: Going to watch Sex and the city 2

So that really has been my week but next week is somewhat better and somewhat worse. Only because it is week 23 witch means that it is the last week of school. And then summer holiday. But I do not have the feeling of summer you know the feéling when you feel like it is summer maybe because I am moving arcoss the world or maybe because this year has gone by so fast. I do not know.
Now it was an long inlägg. Opps !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back to sunbathing!


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