black and yellow

Strange song but i like it!! Today has been a normal day had band then social studies after that we had lunch then PE and finally Spanish. I was going to go home but I remembered I had Swedish so I went to Swedish and then I went over to hang with Estelle. So now guess what I am doing?

1. Waiting for Lina to fiish her dinner
2. On facebook


Talking to my best girlfriend. the day has been pretty quiet hung out with Estelle and Lucy then had dinner meetballs mmm.. And now i am talking to LINA BERG.  or was but gtg love ya

Im back

Yes i am back from Cape town or the garden route!!! It  was fun but its great to be home. Im on fb right now and soon im gonna start my more homework fun fun


Good night cya next sunday

I honestly don't know what to do without you

Dear bestfriend,
I love you more daily. I wish you could see yourself the way i see you and i wish you could love yourself the way i love you, and above all, i wish your life is everything you deserve becouse, in my opinion, you deserve the world.
I will stand by you forever, and my heart will always belong to you.

/ L

Spend 500

Im so alone, i thought this could be the week but it looks like it wasnt or isnt. HELP ME!!!!


Right now i am packing so yay!!!! Im only doing this blogg for LIna cause she is my best friend. I need to get eady for a big day tomorrow IN THE CAR!!!!! And plus i dont get to run the 5km which im sad about :( Ooh well ife goes on Maybe i will blogg once more today cause i forget how fun it is

Dont give me that look!!!!

Some crappy people are looking at  my hosue cause we are moving houses. The girl gave me the look. ggrrr Did running today and ,ade it in 28 minutes really proud, cuase i was the first girl mohahahahahahaha. I have also had my facial done so my face is smooth. I also bought this really nice dress for estelles party luv it a pic is coming up now now
luv ya


sry about bad blogging just well i have a lot to do

10 to 2

Hello folks
My name is Daisy Lawrence and im listening to my sista speech. BORING, but what the heck neck. Shopping went well i bought so much. Will show pics of them later. But first I need to do to my homework. So love ya.
This is what I bought:
1 light blue jeans JAY JAYS
1 pink jeans JAY JAYS
Gray top JAY JAYS
1 bra EDGARS
4 underwear EDGARS
1 monkey HANG TEN

money to spend

good morning gott folk,

Its gonna be a quick inlagg today cause i need to hope in the shower and then
im going shopping in 4ways mall. Love it. Heres a quick recap of what happened this week or yesterday
Yesterday was FFD*family fun day* lol so much fun hung around with friends played music loved it
After that went home with Camilla and we went to the gym really we did and we swam a few lengths and after that we mostly played in the warm pool. Then we went to the cafe and sandwiches and a smoothie. Looks like it is my turn to have a shower cya later

Cut the bandar

Just had breakfast,
cant wait for school
About to brush my teeth and i am ready for more running and more swimming

Outfit for today

MI ssiter is not going to school
booooooo her i have to stuggle on the bus
And to make it worse I have swimming first
Good luck Chuck
Shorts luvv em

@ lucys

Hello people of earth,
Hi my name is Daisy and this is LUCY!!!!!!!! LOL
Im at lucys as you can see. I have done all my homework and im still waiting for my teacher Mrs.F to send me and email to see how my lab is going not so well right now. We have taken some pics here is my favourite.

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