Dressing up

Goeie môre,

That is good morning in Afrikanns.
So the plan for today is finish sorting out my room! YES!!!! Then I have to help with the bbq, and sort out my sis. room. Have just done the dreesing up box hear is a photo of me.

I was half cherleader and half witch<3 Love it.


With my 2 chicas

Good evening,

Well these past few days have benn greeat!! I have had three days of fun!! 

Day 1:

At 4 o'clock I arrived at Lina's house to hang out before her dad took us to heron city. When we arrived at heron we went to willys and bought a drink and some sweets. Then we went to food I had chicken and rice. At 18:18 the movie started of course we had bought snacks and more. We went into the movie theater to take our seats and watch Sex and the city 2!! After the movie we went back to Linaas house and jumped into the bubble pool and made about 15 cheers! Then we watched 2 episodes of Friends. Then we fell asleep about 2 o'clock in the morning.

Day 2:

I went tom tits with my mums friends. After tom tits I went home and got ready for my sleepover at Claras house. On the way to Claras house we picked Lina. Then when ate dinner and made an amazing movie. We also watched two of my movies. In the evening we played a card game from a magazine. Which was soo fun. You had to do all different kind of things.

Day 3:

Well it has to be a record for me I sleept in until 9:46!! Yes. When I woke up Clara was reading and Lina was still asleep. So we went to play on the wii. Then Lina woke up and we went to get some breakfast. Then we started to watch a new movie and got dressed. Since we where not finished with our movie we decided to finish it. And that worked out great. I have to say we are very good actors!! Then we went for a bike ride into Järna to get some food for our picnic! We cycled all the way to behind ene. On our amazing picnic we had sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, chips, water and apple cider. mmmmmm
At 16:03 we had to rush home because Clara and Lina had to watch One tree hill. We made it back to Claras house in 12 minutes. Which is bruul. We did manage to watch 10 minutes. Then I went home and now I am writing my blogg.


We were happy all the time.

What to do??


Well I have just got back from my friends that live in Holland but have a summer house in the South of Sweden. It has been great. I went to see how papper was made which was very cool. Then I played mini golf I came third. Which is not that good. But who cares it is just a game.


The days are geting smaller by the minute and the plane is geting ready to have a family of four hop on. But has anyone ever asked me if I am ready for it??

One in two

This week has been greeat!! I have some photos to show why this week has been brool( Linas word it is like cool and something else), amazing, brilliant and more!!!
I came back from England on Monday so this was tuesday:

Wednesday: Grönalund!!!!

Lina went a bit crazy so she told me how to die in spinning tea cups then she fell asleep!!

The rest of the week went by okay I will hope to see Lina more next week!! But for now more photos.

Now I have to ask the last question what is is going to be like without that one person in my life without that person to make me laugh to make me happy when I am sad. That is hard to answer because that is one hard question.



Nothing to do


Well since I have done my room for moving or a bit of in today. Enough for one day and have watched a movie. I feel done. Tommorrow I am off to the north of Sweden to see my old freinds from Holland. Going to be greaat.

these are all the clothes I bought sale shopping<3<3

Love this picture♥
Going to put more photos of my amazing week Lina on my blogg. Later.

See ya


Well today has been great. I have been sale shopping!!! I have bought loads of stuff.

2  T-shirts
1  scarf
2 jogging bottoms one short pair and one long pair
1 long sleve top
1 dress
1 adidas jacket
1 pair of jeans
1 top

Pictures are coming later!!

Now or later

Well since it is like 12 days until I leave my house my life in Sweden which is just sad. That means thatI have only about 9 days until I leave my house and are off to a hotel. And i havn't even started to pack jet which is bad. I haven't even thought about the stuff that I may  take with me. Opps!! My mind is not in the hole thing jet. But I am starting to get the picture that I am moving. Which means tears for me.):

Even with the hole moving thing coming up I am loving my last few weeks left here. Well yesterday I was with Lina swimming in her neigbours pool. The day before that (which was wednesday) I went to grönalund with her. Pictures are coming up. And on TuesdayI went swimming with her more. My week has been great and it is only Friday!!! 

More photos are coming out later!!!



Well today was been so warm!!! But I did amnage to get some stuff done. Like cycling into Järna getting some food, lucky for me I had my best friend to come with me. Lina Berg Then we went for lunch at my house. Which was great. After that we went swimming at Linas neigbours house. There pool was 22°C. That was not that warm but okay. Since we where cold after swimming around in the pool for 40 minutes we hoped into the hot tub at Linas house. And that was warm. Then I had to cycled home. 
Pictures of me and Lina today


Love you sis♥
And of course my lovely cousin in England

He is so cute!!!!
Have to go now


Hot, hot,hot

When it is this hot here you just have nothing to do. I got home at 1:30 then went to mtý friends house so I could seeher before I leave for we England. Great!!!Going to miss my friends but I hope to see Linn next week and of corse I will see Lina.
Well now I think it is time to go outside, good bye

Only about 20 days util I leave for South Africa:((

BB=big breakfast

Good morning, 
Well when you are at a hotel you must have a big breakfast this is the order I go in.
1. Yogurt with something with a crunch
2. Cooked, something warm like bacon and eggs
3. Fruit with apples pears oranges and more
4. The cakes of all sort, chocolate cakes, bulle 
Thats what I call a good breakfast. Now I am full and ready for the big day to come!!! 



Right now I am in a hotel in Germany. It is a nice hotel and has space two big beds and tv plus internet!!! Yes but only for one night but that is okay. In the morning we are off to the ferry to Sweden. Home Sweet Home!!
But that is only for one night then I am off again to England. Which is going to be fun because I will be babysiting my little cousin and then I will be seeing my family before I live for the South:(
But the good news is it that I am going to Grönalund with my dear friend Lina Berg. Going to be great!!!

The octopus

Right now I am watching the final of the world cup(VM). Spain have had so many chances to score. It looks like the octopus may be right about spain winning. For those of u who have no idea what the octopus is I can tell you. Well it sticks to the flag of the country that may win. And so far in the world cup it has not been wrong. So I can tell you this it looks like Spain will win. 
Here where I am all I see is orange and that is team spirt!!!!

Last few days


Now I am getting to the last few days of my holiday here in Italy.
I have made new friends, and had loads of fun. But I do miss my friends in Sweden:(
Thinking about in a few months time I wood have spent my first few days in South Africa. Scarrrry.
Right now I am sitting watching football the final!!!  
So if you want to look at some pictures of this holiday here are some: I have more coming.

Grace holiday friend

Some more photos are coming up.
But on Grace last day we went on the roller coaster and the bumper boats. We were screaming go faster then the person let us have a free go because it was her last day!!! Lucky us. But people were looking and they looked mad and annoyed!!!! hihihi

ciao bella

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