feel like it

I woke up this morning and felt like a run
So that is what I am going to do now
Go out for a run
I have just finished loading music on to my i pod
I am going to get dressed
Then start my run
Wish me luck
Love ya



Today has been good went to my dads work
I got a free sprite zero, their is a zero in fanta too cool or what!!

Right now I am watching rugby which is not fun
I was ment to be going to Estelles but have decided to stay at home
I do not want to but it is for the best

Just finished talking to Lina and Clara
Miss them so much
But then they had to go so now I have nothing to do

Love ya


Tjena, tjena
Today I woke up at 7:15 nicce I know
Then me and estelle made our selfs hamburger bread and ham and cheese toasted sandwiches
Today I am going to my dads work and then maybe going to hang out with estelle
Love ya

goodie nightie

Good night
Love ya


So the social was good fun
lots of dancing food and shouting
Estelle kissed her boyfriend(aaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwww)
I did not get my kiss:P
All I can is I had a great time
Now she and I are going to talk and then maybe go to sleep
Love ya

getting ready

Just came back from Theo house. Now I am at my house with Estelle and
we are getting ready for the halloween social
It is going to be fun
but I have this feeling that something bad id going to happen
to me or Estelle
I think I have chosen my outfit for today which is good
Maybe I will blogg once before we go but I do not know
If I don't know
Love ya
Ramdon picture

Magic Mirror

Make a wish tonight
And see the twinkle in the rain
There's magic if you close your eyes
And all you have to do is believe the impossible
Hold ship on my magic mirror
Believe in miracles,
Cause dreamers always dream forever, forever

And we will meet again soon
I promise you that

Love ya

remember me


today was n okay day. We had a fake alarm and the 7th graders have the coolest seats...
I am going to practice for my flute test soon then decided what I am going to wear for the halloween social.

Love ya


Sorry I have not written min a long time it is just that I have not had much to write about.
Also I have this huge test that I need to study for so I will blogg later on today
Love ya


So today it is time to satrt my homework. But Of course I do not want to do that so I have left it to the last minute. But I will do now so it is done with you know what I mean rigth? 
I will porably write one or two more things today
we will have to see 

Love ya


I have just made my self a cup of tea fruit tea
Then I am going to put on my pjs and go to bed
But before that I am  going to talk to LINA on msn

Good night

Love ya

you said

If you tell me something thats okay
Its when you promise that something
You ruin all the way


So the shopping did not go as planned
I called Estelle to tell her that we were going shopping and she coud come with us
But then she said no I can not come I have other plans
I ws like okay then
Then she said Bye
I said Bye

Then went I went into the store to buy my bag it was gone
I nearly started to cry
After that I could not find anything to buy or liked

When I got home hopped in da pool
And have just had a warm bath which has relaxed me a lot
 I am now going to surf the internet and then
play on my flute

Love ya



Today the plan is to go shopping
At fourways mall I am going to see if Estelle wants to come withh me
Only because I do not want to walk around with my mum and my sister.
Ihope she can come with me
I am hoping to by a bad a top and sunglasses.
But that will not work
At least I do not think so.
After that i will proably go home try on my new stuff 
and maybe have a sleepover with Estelle

Right now I am watchong Year one which is a really strange movie and I do not really like it but okay it is like from the begning of the world. 
Then I need to call Estelle hop she snswers this time

I am still as happy as I was yesterday and I still feel great. 

Love ya

Feel like I can fly

I am so happy
I couldd feel like I could fly
And it feels great
My heart is bounding 100 times faster
My mind in 100 times clearer
I have nothingmore to say
I am out of words
I feel like I could scream and jump up in the air
¨Dance around the street

I feel like I need to relax
But I can't

I am so happy
I could fly

Thank you for letting me talk to you
For letting me fly just for that

I love you


Cute or what

On da phone

  Right now I am talking to the da person LINA BERG.
It feels great to talk to her in person or on the phone.
I have so much to tell her.

Sweet Dreams

I ahve nothing to do Lina just logged out of msn.
So I am going to bed



So today has been great. I think I may have miss placed my camera some were
but i do not know where. So i will have to look for it tomorrow. heheheh
Lina is trying to get a surprise out of me but it i not going that well and plus my
lis are sealed. So hahahahhahaha LINA
You will not find out what it is util it happens. HAHHAHAHHAHAH

Today I have been with EStelle we washed her dogs baked and swam in my pool.
It was so cold it is not even funny.


Right now we have got a guest at home he is my dads boss, great or what.

Today school was okay Inearly fanited in band but that was okay.

Now I am talkig to Lina but I have to goand do HW

So byye

17 lessons

So today was my first art class it was awful I hate art. I got pushed into a wall to. But that was okay still hurt. I have only got 17 lessons of art left. I am also trying to get facebook but it is not going to well.


Even when you are gone
You will always be in my heart
In my mind and forever in my soul
Now and forever
God natt


Only the top is mine the rest is Estelles


                     So today was the first day of test it took 2 hours it is like NP but longer and harder and you have to go it every year.  Also today we had a party in Health which was fun. We had a competition with other groups my group won. YEES.

See ya  


I feeel like I have been hit by lightning and nothing can safe me only the impossible thing

Remember those days

I miss you so much
It is hard to believe I even left you
With every email we write to each other
Day after Day
One day we will be saying those things
But that day can not be today

I miss you so much you are my soul sister my best friend you are my everything

With lina berg!


Lucy in da house

My next door neighbour is here we are like sooooo BBB which is BEST BALCONY BUDDIES dafdadadadadaddad
We just hung out with other Lucy Pers and that was regular(spanish). She was playing on the wii while me and my BBB where singing songs but she still diss us. That was wrong!!!
Here is a great pic of my BBB

Good night

I am now talking to Lina I have been talking to her for about three hours I  think:P But good night sleep well!!!



Okay I finally have them, some people not naming any names( Lina Clara Linn etc.) have askes about how my new friends look well here you go. This is Estelle

And me in an amazing outfit

And my new fav. drink

See ya


She had no facial expression
No light in her heart
Like a flower without petals

This is too my friends back in Sweden that is how I felt when I told them
that i was moving. But I  think there petals are now growing back a little more
every day.
Miss u guys soooo much love you lots

If you are wondering I did not write that. A friend of my wrote it all i can say
is when boys focus they come up with things that are amazing.

Love you


practice makes perfect????

Today has bee great. BBut it feels strange knowing that my dear friends right now are in stockholm shopping but okay I can not do anything about it now.
This is only quick tbecause I have some serous studing to do!!!
So bye

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