Sunday 13, 2010

Today I am going to brunch with people from my dads work. Have just spent the last 30 minutes on
sending photos to Lina and me getting them from her. Then sorting all of them out. Today I woke up
by knife and forks bashind down in the draw. Which is not the best time to wake up, so I am veerry
tried!!!! Which is not good if I am ment to be entertaining children from 10:30 to 2:00!  Lucky for
me I have my little sister to help me. Wish me Luck!

Toady happens to be 57 days until my birthday!!!Yes only 57 days left until I am a teenager. hihi!
Word has it that Clara Junman(my best friend) has a surprise for me I wonder what it is? She says
that I have to be with her to get it and it has to be this week! What could it be????

I was not sure if it was me but it is. SOme photos from town with Lina.

Bye for now,

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