I am going to try with a new blog so enjoy and I would like you to read it!!!
Love you♥

Just keep it going

Been to the gym today, to sign up! I am now a member to the gym YAY!!!! After that I went to hang out with Camila and had a great time. Then I had dinner at home. Tomorrow it going to be another day with Camila cause we may go swimming at the gym.
New Top
New Jeans
New Jacket


Went on another walk/run with my dog and this time stopped at the clubhouse for a drink and something to eat since I hadn't eaten breakfast. Now going to make kolakakor( i think thats what it called) and then maybe try and find somebody to hang out with. But all the people I want to hang out with are in Europe or America or just to far away( like Sami).

Going to miss you ♥

My dad just sold this quad, going to miss you

Guess it was ok

Plastic land was ok I guess. I am now going to try and watch Hannah Montana love that show. Talking to Sami on facebook, luv that gurl. Im also helping her with her Math. Now its time for me to go
Outfit for today
New jeans
New top
New Jacket
New Necklace

Plastic land

Just been out for a walk with Dude now im off to the gym and plastic land cya

When will summer come?

Dont think Sami will be getting a Blackberry but thats ok. :(
Today has been a lazy day made myself tea and fell asleep( good job Daisy good job) You know one of those days when all you want to do is relax but after you feel so fat. So thats why I am going to go running tomorrow for sure. Its only 18:46 but its so dark outside I hate it! When will summer come??

ramdon picture


Just found out that Sami is getting a blackberry bold in white too so if I get one we could be BlackBerry Bold White Buddies how cool would that be amazing!!!
luv u gurl ♥

I'm not a fool

Talking to Lina on msn and Abita on facebook/gmail or a least trying too. Watching Disney Channel, hehehe love that Channel!! Going to continue watching tv now so cya!!

I love you with all my heart ♥

Had a great day, played with my dog and read my book. Tomorrow im out for a run alarm on at 9. Hope i wake up in time. Dinner time

I remember how it was and yes I do miss it like god knows what!

At my anutys house and have the computer, so thats why I am blogging right now! But i wont blogg until i get back to SA on Sunday afternoon, yay!!! Just had a small lunch and now I am on facebook again! Heaven on earth!! Had an amazing time in Sweden and in England but now I am ready to get back home to see Dude my dog and start running and hang out with my friends.


4 out 4 once again = 1

First full day in Sweden and loving it! Hung out with Clara, Lina and Linn and of course my neighbours. Niw at Linas house and of course Clara and Linn are the first to sleep. Going to school tomorrow!!

its time

So about to hope in the shower or bath and then need to get dressed cause im going to SWEDEN!!!

Takes seconds to say hello, but forever to say goodbye

At Lucys house just chilling, and eatin crap!!!! We have just seen Easy A and parts of I am Number four love that movie!!! So now after feeding Lucy my fake nail and puttin Jozi to sleep we are just really hangin. God I just love Dove chocolate isnt Dove a cream brand?!?!?! Need to go and attack Lucy for using my phone!


Well I ahve just back from Camilas and now I am off to Jobys house gonna hang out woth Collette and make trouble!!!!

I will see you in 8th grade

Today is the first day of Holiday Im am going to try and blogg once a day on this holiday. HAHHAHA

Its almost time to say goodbye

So tomorrow is the last day of school, I am going and try not to cry (sniff sniff)
I am now on facebook kind of waitin for Lina to sign on, but while I am waiting need to look over nothing. Im super bored and havent got my phone!!!


Ok before I go goodnight sleep tight and I HAVE TO STUDY FOR A SPELLING BEE GRRRRR
And I need a shower

Its time to say goodbye

Gosh, its been a long time!!
So this is what has happened I moved house a few weeks ago and had no internet since boo!! But now Id o have internet YES!!! And also this is my last week of school which is really sad :( Cause my BFF Is leaving and gosh Im going to miss her so much!! But anyway soon I will be seeing my dearest ones in Sweden HEAVEN ON EARTH!! Got to go now and study for my spelling bee for tomorrow( going to fail on purpose) so I dont have to be part of it anymore!!! OO and then I need a shower


People are here wish me luck

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