So now I finally free from school until next tuesday.
Yesterday it was what I called woods day. It was so much fun,
Linn and I got lost went the wrong way and stepped in wet mud!!
But we did make it, in 37 min. I think.After that me and Clara Lina and
Linn went back to Clara house. Then Lina and I cycled to my house to
shower and back my bag for the sleepover. After that Lina and I cycled to
Linas house to get her stuff for the sleepover. We did have a bit of time to relax but
not a lot. Then we cycled back to Clara house to start the sleepover.
Then we c ooked lunch it was pasta, sweetcorn, ham and two differnt kinds of pesto.
It was good. Then we cycled into Järna to get snacks for the sleepover, we got two packets
of crips , two bottles of fanta and 6 bars of choclate. hahaha!!!!!!!!!!! We also did a dance video
in the shop. Then we cycled to the Ip and we hanged out with some very good friends, played a bit of
football or watched and just talked. Lina and Linn went to golf training so Clara and I went to watch football training to some boys in our old class  and then cycled to Linns and Linas golf training.

Clara and I maded the beds beauitful!! For the rest of the night we played cards, watched a movie and talked a lot. 
In the morning we went on our bikes in the forset with pjs and no shoes. I was so funny I nearly fell of my bike. I am now going to go outsiide and be with my family.


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