The Hole World

Well is feels like the hole world knows that I am moving to South Africa.
That just shows that Järna is a little town. But I do want to thank all my
friends in my class and my BFFFFF for helping me get through it. I know that
we get get through it together.

So any way this weekend has been full of fun
I have got a new computer but you can not change the background on it.
Which is bad. But okay not the end of the world! Also I ahve had a sleepover
at Linas which was really fun. Check out the hot pictures on bilddagenboken.
I will try and get them out today but if not today it will be on Monday.

So the plan for this week is:
Tuesday: English
Wednesday: Be with Joseifin
Thursday: ?
Friday: Lady Gaga consert
Saturday: Party
Sunday: ?

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