My Day ,

Well I woked up this morning and thought it was 9 o'clock so I ran to thebathroom to get ready. Then I looked at the clock and it was only 6:30. Then I watched or played a game on my i pod. Then i went to school and did the boring stuff after that I ran to english,  I was only 10 min. late!!! Then i went home watched Top model 12, had dinner and had a little talk with my friend Clara. I am now talking to Lina on msn. Tomorrow I am going to be with Linn. so here is the plan for the next week:

Wednesday: Woods (as I call it)
Thursday:     Be with Family( because free on study zone= school)
Friday:          Maybe with Lina () I do not knowright now.
Saturday:      Relax
Sunday:     Relax
Monday:        No school!!!!

So these few days are busy. You should see my summer holiday!!!!

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