Rix FM

Yesterday I went to rix fm with my fav girls.(Lina,Clara and Linn)
So fun. We took the car to Fruängen(I think) then took the underground train to Stockholm.
We went to Burger king and ate dinner I took the cheese burger menu.
The we went to buy sweets for the night.
We walked to Rix FM and these people talked to me and Clara if Lady Gaga was famous in SWeden.
Werid!!! After that she asked if she could take a picture of us because she helped children at school or something like that. The Festival finished at 10 o'clock we started to walk home in a big klump so we did not get lost. On the way back to the train three boys asked us if Rix Fm festival was still on.
They were only about three hours late.
When we got to FRuängen again to go to the car, Clara tried to go down one of these rolling stairs, we where shouting at her to say see was going the wrong way butshe did not hear us!! When she did hear us, she and us where laughing so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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