The bridge

My life is like building a bridge the first time you build it is just one peice of wood and hard
to get to the other side. The second time you do it, well it looks a bit better and maybe has 
two pieces and a thing to help you balance. The third time is much better because you are better at it
and have done it so many times so you can buy some different better kind of wood to make this
bridge of yours. On the forth one it is almost perfect you start to have bits of metall on it and feel safe.
But that fifth time you start to build the maybe final bridge it is made out of metall all over and you feel the
safest you have ever feelt. You walk over the bridge and say goodbye, you look at the people you love so much and turn around you feel strange and werid without these people. But you know it will be okay because they will move on and all you have to do
is build that bridge and get over it but you will not just do that you will save you the happy times with these people and never forget them.
I love the people that I have spent ALL my happy times with, and do not forget that I am always hear.

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Postat av: lina

jag älskar dig , och jag kommer aldrig k´lara det hr utan dig Daisy.. <3

2010-05-18 @ 20:17:55

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