Three walks/runs and Three dogs

So today has been great!!!
Slept over at estelle house again last night, so much fun. First of all we went to the supermakert with her mum to get some food and we went running around the supermarket trying to find junk food like choclate crisp and pop corn. So much fun, then we hoped in the car and went to the rent a movie place;) And we got two movies The rebound and the one ith that blond girl in it I forgot what is is called. But anyway then we got ready because they had a friends over. After tha we hung out the the friends and then we went to bed at 2 in the morning.
Then in the morning we wanted to go outside so went took one dog by one by one dog for walks/runs. It was great fun. After that my parents came to get me and we went to Melrose Arch to get a few things, I got a new skirt. Then we came home and I read my breaking dawn for 30 min. and then played my flute for 40 min.
You may think flute is easy but it is the hardest out of all of them. I am now talking To the greates person of all time Lina Berg. 



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