So went by so quickly first I had Math then I had NO, then it was lunch!!! After that it was English which went great and then it was the last lesson of the day ,y favourite lesson HEALTH!!! I do not know why but it is or i do know why but i am saying.hehehehhehe Then when I got hoem went to Estelle house and had to wait 15min for her to find out i was waiting outside.Thank you Estelle. But she did finally answer the door. And shut the door so we where locked out, but luckyI had a back up plan and we did finally get back into the house. Then we walked to The Pavelien and bought sweets. We saw this really good looking guy so we started to walk behind him he was better lokking than snygg bror 1 and 2 I know!!!!! He leaves right nextto her yes then we scearmed really loud and he lokked at us in a strange way!!! After that we had to climb over Estelle gate because her had forgottne her key!! Again. But we did get back inot the house lucky for us. Have jsut been out for a walk with Ocsar the dog he is not my dog. And that went well!! See ya Daisy

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Postat av: Lina

NO ONE , NO ONE looks better then snygg broder 1 okey ? by they way, he got an tatuu, sooo nice !

Sv; I cried like hell last night when i looked at the picture we took in winter, your dad sed he liked it very much, remember? I remember that was one of the best time of my life, so i cried myself to sleep last night. I miss you best friend, need to talk to you, feels like everything is going down without you. Sister, my other half, thanks for being such a good sister to me. I love you.

2010-09-17 @ 21:45:06

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