Now or later

Well since it is like 12 days until I leave my house my life in Sweden which is just sad. That means thatI have only about 9 days until I leave my house and are off to a hotel. And i havn't even started to pack jet which is bad. I haven't even thought about the stuff that I may  take with me. Opps!! My mind is not in the hole thing jet. But I am starting to get the picture that I am moving. Which means tears for me.):

Even with the hole moving thing coming up I am loving my last few weeks left here. Well yesterday I was with Lina swimming in her neigbours pool. The day before that (which was wednesday) I went to grönalund with her. Pictures are coming up. And on TuesdayI went swimming with her more. My week has been great and it is only Friday!!! 

More photos are coming out later!!!


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