Dressing up

Goeie môre,

That is good morning in Afrikanns.
So the plan for today is finish sorting out my room! YES!!!! Then I have to help with the bbq, and sort out my sis. room. Have just done the dreesing up box hear is a photo of me.

I was half cherleader and half witch<3 Love it.


Kommentarer :)
Postat av: alice

I hope the flight goes well and that you like in africa. And I just want to say thank you for been such a good friend of my sister. Thank you. Keep on blogging so we all can see how your'e doing in africa. I know that my sister will miss you a lot and so will me and my family. But I'm sure you will meet each other soon again. Good bye :(

2010-08-05 @ 11:29:37
URL: http://aalicejunman.blogg.se/

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