With my 2 chicas

Good evening,

Well these past few days have benn greeat!! I have had three days of fun!! 

Day 1:

At 4 o'clock I arrived at Lina's house to hang out before her dad took us to heron city. When we arrived at heron we went to willys and bought a drink and some sweets. Then we went to food I had chicken and rice. At 18:18 the movie started of course we had bought snacks and more. We went into the movie theater to take our seats and watch Sex and the city 2!! After the movie we went back to Linaas house and jumped into the bubble pool and made about 15 cheers! Then we watched 2 episodes of Friends. Then we fell asleep about 2 o'clock in the morning.

Day 2:

I went tom tits with my mums friends. After tom tits I went home and got ready for my sleepover at Claras house. On the way to Claras house we picked Lina. Then when ate dinner and made an amazing movie. We also watched two of my movies. In the evening we played a card game from a magazine. Which was soo fun. You had to do all different kind of things.

Day 3:

Well it has to be a record for me I sleept in until 9:46!! Yes. When I woke up Clara was reading and Lina was still asleep. So we went to play on the wii. Then Lina woke up and we went to get some breakfast. Then we started to watch a new movie and got dressed. Since we where not finished with our movie we decided to finish it. And that worked out great. I have to say we are very good actors!! Then we went for a bike ride into Järna to get some food for our picnic! We cycled all the way to behind ene. On our amazing picnic we had sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, chips, water and apple cider. mmmmmm
At 16:03 we had to rush home because Clara and Lina had to watch One tree hill. We made it back to Claras house in 12 minutes. Which is bruul. We did manage to watch 10 minutes. Then I went home and now I am writing my blogg.


We were happy all the time.

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