that was an interesting night, just got back from a party. I gues it was ok. Jacob fell asleep twice then started slep walking out in to the parking lot where there where cars driving around. Then he starts dancing some danish/swedish culture dance i think. Then Daneil starts beating up some poor child who did nothing. Theay had a dj but onebody danced.
2 funny things happened that i can think of right now

Daniel jumps and starts kicking the child.
Lucy: wh did u do that?
Daneil: BEcause he took my shoe
Lucy: Really



Estelle is the the bathroom about to pee. Goes into the the batroom closes the door then walk out again

Estelle. I cant pee in there.
Daisy: Why not
Estelle: There is ORANGE pee all over the seat. Who the hell pees bright orange!!
Daisy: It was me 
E: You pee orange 
D: No it was my drink 
E: pSssshhh I knew that 


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