You had it all, then you said goodbye, which would you have more this or that?

But its you again!

Yesterday was great!! We drove 40 min to this dirt place or forset and drove around on dirt tracks and up rivers. I even saw this big huge lion roar!!! AMAZING:)When i ot home had a swim in the pool in my clothes. Then got changed and hung out with Estelle at her house. We talked a little which was nice. I havent been with her in like forever. Then i had dinner, i watched a moive with my family and downloaded Moive maker and the new msn on to my computer i havent been using it because nobody was online. But i hope I can use it today. 

Todays plan is well I dont have one all i know is that i need ot do my homwork and clen my closet BIG time. Then we will have ot see. The pool is also clean so.

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