walk&talk run&scream

So guess what just happened. Me and Millie where walking upstairs when we heard something flap. Then we saw that it was a bird eeepppp!!! We both scream and run into my room close the door and run out my balcony. Millie YELLS There is a bird in the house. We run down the stairs and see that Dude has come in the house and is looking at this bird. We quickly scream Dude Come here. He runs up the stairs and we open the door to my room quickly. Yes he is in my room. We waited outside for 10min just get this bird out of the house. But all is good now thanks to my pappa. What would I do without him!!!!!

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sv ; its going to be SO great !!!

Okey, i will be in tonight, if im not, send me an email! I love you darling , so much !

2011 is going to be our year <3

2011-01-03 @ 13:10:06
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