Remember those days

I miss you so much
It is hard to believe I even left you
With every email we write to each other
Day after Day
One day we will be saying those things
But that day can not be today

I miss you so much you are my soul sister my best friend you are my everything

With lina berg!


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Postat av: lina

It's hard to belive that you're gone, my best friend who made my days lighter, my best friend that always could make me happy how sad i was , my soulsister that meant the world to me, and still does, and always will. My man who always made my schooldays fyllda of fun.

I miss you, man, soulsister, sister, best friend.

Wish u were here, with me.

I'll wait a hundred years just to se your smila again


2010-10-09 @ 08:56:53

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