what if I come back?

So long time no see.

I woke up and I saw that I got an email from my dear friend Lina Berg, and it said check out ur blogg. 
So I did it and for the past 15 minutes I have been crying but it is tears of joy/sadness.
On friday I went to Theos house for his movie night. It was a interesting night I kissed a few boys hahahaha good times good times Daisy, I went home and fell asleep. Yesterday my pappa took me shopping I got a new pair of shoes and a really nice new top. We also went for a scania BBQ hahhaha my dad dared me to do something like balance on a water thingie in a pool so I did it. Then my farther hops in an pull me under the pool. To make it worse  I was n my dry clothes, hahaha.
Today I need to get my stuff from Estelle house because they have been there for a week, which is really bad. After that I am going to my pool.

Chao Bella

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