Hang'n out


Yesterday after school went to hang out with some friends. So i went to Estelle house then after we walked to Theos house(which is big).AFter that we where ment to meet /th grade8 th graders. So we had to run away from them. AFter about 2 hours they finally got to her house. So we went out to the tennis courts and then we we ditch and dropped them and Estelle and I went to my house to get my stuff for a sleepover. Then we ahd to run to  find my dad in his car and he took us to Esteele house. SO we could go out with her parents and her
family for dinner.

Then this morning I woke up about 7 so we went down stairs to watch tv. Then we panicked because we had to wake up her little sister because her friend was coming over to the house in 5 minutes. T´hat was a rush but okay. After that we failed by makin cupcakes, not good. 

Whats ur day been like?? 

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